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Family and Parents

“My, she sure did grow up fast!”

“It was such a short time ago when he was just a baby!”

“He’s too little to ride the school bus!”

These are just some of the things that parents and family members say as they send their children off to the first day of “Big School.” This can be a very trying time for parents and children alike. The passage from preschool to kindergarten offers many unique challenges. For young children, the transition to school is much more than simply changing buildings or settings—it means learning a new set of rules and behaviors, adjusting to a new peer group, and getting to know new teachers. In addition, children must learn to play and cooperate with other children, pay attention for longer periods of time, and develop independent work habits.

As parents and family members, this time can be just as stressful for you. You are expected to learn the rules and procedures for the new school. The way that you communicate with your child’s teacher can be vastly different from previous years. Often children ride the bus or are dropped off at a central location, and you no longer have daily contact with the teacher. It is hard to know when to call or what is the best means of communicating with the teacher.

On these parent and family pages are ideas for how to ease your child’s transition into kindergarten, tips for helping you communicate with your child’s teacher, and ways to become involved in your child’s education. We have lots of fun activities to do with your child that will help him become more familiar with what kindergartens do.

The more familiar routines and activities are for your child, the easier it will be for your son or daughter to start off on the journey of a lifetime. Thus, our role as parents is to provide a variety of experiences that will enable your child to make a smooth transition. So if you are ready to start, click on a button above.

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