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Head Start Bureau
The Program Performance Standards can be accessed from the Head Start Bureau’s main page.

  • Program Performance Standards
    The Head Start Program Performance Standards, the set of comprehensive federal regulations that guide programming, require that programs address transition as a part of their overall program plan. References to transition can be found in the section 1304-Subpart B, Early Childhood Health and Development and 1304 Subpart C, Family and Community Partnerships.

The Head Start Act can also be accessed from the Head Start Bureau’s main page under Legislation/Regulations/Policies.

  • The Head Start Act
    The Head Start Act is the federal legislation that guides programming. References to transition can be found in several places in the Act but are specifically included within Section 642. [42 U.S.C. 9837] through 642A. [42 U.S.C. 9837A]

Head Start Information and Publications Center
Head Start Training Guides—There are three available transition manuals, including Effective Transition Practices: Facilitating Continuity, Planning For Transitions, and Planning for Infant and Toddler Transitions.

Head Start National Resource Center
The Head Start National Resource Center can be contacted for the Child Outcomes Framework. (The Child Outcomes Framework can also be located on the site of the Head Start Publications Information Center at www.headstartinfo.org/pdf/im00_18a.pdf

Early Head Start National Resource Center
Transition in Head Start is seen as an important event that takes careful planning for all ages. Contact the Early Head Start National Resource Center for information about appropriate practices for the transition of infants and toddlers.

Transitions Facts and Findings
Here are a series of articles related to the topic of transitions. Click on the title to view each article. Additionally, links to other websites containing transition information are provided in the Resources section of the website.

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