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80 Skills to Help Ease Kids' Transition to Kindergarten

Annotated Bibliography

Books for children
One way to help young children prepare for the transition to kindergarten is to read books about starting school to them. There is a great variety of books available for this purpose. The above link will provide you with a list of books about transitioning to school.

Continuity in Early Childhood Education: A Framework for Home, School, and Community Linkages

Continuity for Young Children: Positive Transitions to Elementary School
This California Department of Education report addresses a wide array of transition issues for teachers, elementary school leaders, district personnel, childcare programs, and Head Start programs.

Easing the Transition from Pre-School to Kindergarten: A Guide for Early Childhood Teachers and Administrators

Evaluation Terms from HFRP
Evaluation terminology can be confusing to even the most seasoned of evaluators. This resource provides commonly accepted definitions for frequently used evaluation terms.

Kindergarten Teacher Tip Sheets

Parents Tip Sheets

Pre-school Teacher Tip Sheets

Training Guides for the Head Start Community—Effective Transition Practices: Facilitating Continuity

Training Guides for the Head Start Community—Effective Transition Practices: Transition Planning...A Continuous Process

We Love Kindergarten
Dara Feldman, a kindergarten teacher at Garrett Park Elementary School in Maryland, uses technology to reach out to the pre-K programs and the community. Dara takes many pictures throughout the school year and uses such programs as PowerPoint® to share kindergarten experiences with others. The example in the link below could be viewed as a PowerPoint® presentation on the computer or could be printed out in book form and added to the literacy center.

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