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The Good Beginnings Alliance/Oahu, in Hawaii, received a federal Early Learning Opportunities Act (ELOA) grant of approximately $1 million. Several projects were developed with monies received from this grant. One resource under development is a Toolkit of best practices for transitions. Good Beginnings has graciously allowed access to their Toolkit via this website. This draft publication provides many sample letters and forms, as well as techniques for providing best practices in kindergarten transitions. You may use these examples to customize communication for your center, school, or community. For further information, contact Jeanne Riley at riley@aloha.net or contact Good Beginnings at readiness@goodbeginnings.org Visit their website at: www.goodbeginnings.org/school.htm

ABCs of "Receiving Programs"

Booklist from Hawaii

Teachers and Families: Differences in Perception

Early Kindergarten Registration

Hawaii Newspaper Contacts

Help Me Know Your Child Sample

Invitation for Pre-K to Visit a Kindergarten School

Jump Start Summer Program Information

Jump Start Summer Program Sample

Kindergarten Letter to Parents

Kindergarten Songs

Letter to Prinicpals in Regards to Starting Kindergarten

New Release Sample in Regards to Registering for Kindergarten

New Release Example in Regards to Registering for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Orientation Invitation Sample

Kindergarten Orientation Reminder Flyer Sample

Parent Education

Parent Letter from Pre-K About Kindergarten

Parent Letter About Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Parent Orientation Invitation

Kindergarten Registration Ideas

Kindergarten Registration Invitation Sample

Ten Characteristics of Children who Succeed in School

Twas the Night Before Kindergarten

Who's Who at School Sample

Early learning standards: A survey of the states

Strengthening the Transition Community Collaboration

Annotated Transitions Bibliography by Beth Rous

Basic Guidelines for a Successful Planning Process

Research in Review: Family Centered Practices


Delaying Kindergarten Entry
Often parents and other family members question whether they should delay a child's entry into kindergarten for a year because of their child's relatively young age or lack of maturity. This is often referred to as "academic redshirting."

In many cases, the parents and families will seek the opinion of their child's preschool teacher, the transition coordinator, the elementary principal, or others in the education field. It is important that the advice provided is based on knowledge of the effects of redshirting. The links below provide the latest information on academic redshirting and other related topics from a variety of early childhood professionals.

Opportunity Deferred or Opportunity Taken: An Updated Look at Delaying Kindergarten Entry

Academic Redshirting and Young Children

What's Wrong with Edward the Unready?

Academic Redshirting of One Kindergarten Boy


Transitioning Children with Disabilities

Disabilities and Transitions

Early Transitions for Children and Families: Transitions from Infant/Toddler Services to Preschool Education


Communicating with Families

Working with Special Groups

Ongoing Communication

Children with Special Needs

Introducing School Policies and Procedures

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