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Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers—Preschool Teachers (sending program)

Preschool teachers face their own set of challenges. Each year they face a new set of eager young faces knowing that they soon must be sending them to “Big School.” There are many views of what children need to know before they leave the pre-K environment. What do you really need to do with these children to help make them ready for the next big step? These web pages provide ideas to help pre-K teachers understand how to facilitate good transition practices, how to communicate effectively with families and receiving programs, and how to make the process valuable and fun!

At any time during your stay here we encourage you to add to our resources by submitting ideas that have worked particularly well for you. We appreciate your sharing and we hope that you too can benefit by seeing what works for other pre-K teachers around the country. To share your ideas, simply click on the Idea Sharing button. You can then return to where you were or to anywhere else on the website.

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