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Resources and Downloads—Transition Trainer's Guide

Planning for terrific transitions: A guide for transition-to-school teams
SERVE has developed a trainer’s guide to facilitate an eight-hour transition to kindergarten training. The training is designed to help learners improve their transition processes through more effective planning, implementation, and evaluation. By the end of training, participants should be able to:

  • Form a comprehensive transition team.
  • Initiate a needs assessment process.
  • Explain how to conduct a focus group.
  • Initiate a Transition Plan.
  • Explain their role in transition implementation.
  • Plan for the evaluation of their transition goals and strategies.

Trainer's Guide

The training package includes the trainer’s guide, a participant’s guide, a CD with all the transparencies needed, and a copy of all the handouts necessary for the training. You may request a complimentary copy of the training materials by phone at (850) 671-6052, by fax at (850) 671-6020, or by e-mail at terrific@serve.org.

For much of this training, participants work as teams, bringing their own transition issues and needs to the training. The work in class centers around a five-step transition improvement process, that teams will use to begin improving their own transition systems. The process takes into account the unique challenges of collaborating with a diverse set of team members, including early childhood staff, elementary staff, and parents. Back on the job, teams will “pick up” where this training leaves off, continuing their transitions improvement work and completing each step in the process.

The five steps defined in the transition process are:

  • Step 1: Round Out the Team
  • Step 2: Assess the Situation
  • Step 3: Plan the Work
  • Step 4: Work the Plan
  • Step 5: Measure Up
Participant's Guide

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